My name is Patryk. I’m 26 year old, live in Poland and work as a financial analyst in FMCG retail corporation. Outside of work I am an esports enthusiast with main focus on League of Legends. I find myself really fascinated by esport analytics recently.

The data is being generated every second and it’s massive. It contains the insights we need to accelerate growth. The org that figures out (that invests heavily in it) will end up having a massive advantage over the rest.

Luis Deilor, ex Fnatic LoL coach, deilor.blog

This quote in my opinion is the most accurate cry about the importance of anaytics in LoL and any other esport game. I do believe that analytics is not a zero-sum game which means sharing ideas is only beneficial. What you will find here are some League of Legends -oriented analytical concepts I came up with and want to openly share.

Few more words about the content: I am not a strategic analyst at all. I don’t play league anymore, nor was I ever even on a semi-pro level. My macrogame and playstyle knowledge is too short to give any advice on that matter. Instead, my concepts are all about measures, statistics and KPIs. What is more, I know the limits of Riot API and often will just ignore that fact describing ideas that are not available with the current data-state. What I am always trying to reach is the most accurate measuring. If the current environment does not allow to get that – we just need to change it.